Brazilian Modern

Ampersand House presents a selling exhibition of rare and highly collectable mid-century Brazilian furniture and contemporary Brazilian art and design.

Ampersand House is a living gallery in a classical "maison de maître". The house will be furnished with Brazilian design classics and contemporary Brazilian art and design objects. The dining room will house a rare black glass topped rosewood dining table by Joaquin Tenreiro along with its stunning matching dining chairs. The receptions rooms will be furnished with chairs, low tables and sofas by design greats such as Sergio Rodrigues and Giuseppe Scapinelli, Jorge Zalszupin and Martin Eisler, among others. The collection is a rare testimony of a historical moment in which Brazil produced extraordinary, and sometimes extravagant, pieces of furniture as a response to Europe's rigorous approach to design.

Decorative art and design pieces by contemporary Brazilian artists and designers will be installed on surfaces and walls. Artists represented include renowned silversmith, Nilton Cunha and fine artist Paulo Climachauska, as well as other contemporary artists working in textiles, ceramics and jewellery.

Brazilian Modern is curated in collaboration with Cinzia Ferrara and Monika Unger of BE Modern, Milan; Cristina Barros-Greindl and Laurence Lachambre, São Paulo and Brussels; Archetype, Brussels, and tl magazine, featuring Brazilian Modern in the summer edition, 2012.

Vernissage: Friday 7 September 18.00–21.00