Malopolska days in Brussels

The cultural heritage promoting design is a unique, open-air exhibition revealing to the viewers the cultural and tourist attractions of the Małopolska Region, located in the south of Poland, and its capital – Krakow. Among many strings waving in the wind, alluding to local artisan traditions, exhibition stands are nestled, uncovering the intriguing facets of the region. Thanks to the narration used and the unusual dynamic form created by Krakow designers, the exhibition is a game of heritage and design. The title of the exhibition organized as part of the Małopolska Region Days in Brussels is an inspiration to search for links between the history of the places recalled and the modern form of its presentation.

cultural heritage

The authors of the concept – the Małopolska Institute of Culture and LATALAdesign studio encourage the viewers to discover the fascinating treasures of culture in the space of the installation, but also, predominantly, in the Malopolska Region – in the places the installation invokes. More information at:


LATALAdesign – Design studio run by Dagmara Latała and Jacek Paździor, graduates of Krakow Fine Arts Academy. As the studio working on the verge of arts and design, LATALAdesign deals with experimental design, transferring the effects of its searches also to the activities in the sphere of revitalising public space. Małopolski Instytut Kultury (Małopolska Institute of Culture) – regional cultural institution supervised by the board of the Malopolska Region. MIK pursues culture research and analysis, conducts educational and training activity and promotes cultural heritage of the region in Poland and abroad.

Organizers: Małopolska Region Małopolski Instytut Kultury I

n the context of: Małopolska Region Days