Workshop Libre Objet

From Do It Yourself to open source objects, this workshop addresses the issue of licenses within the context of making physical objects.


As a group of industrial and graphic designers, hackers and artists, recently gathered together under the name Libre Objet, we all share a common question about open source industrial design, processes and products resulting from our work, with the aim of providing tools for accessing a free philosophy applied to the manufacture of objects. The workshop invites participants to build a series of furniture pieces, starting with a small bookshelf : The Bouctje.


Over the course of two days, the workshop will address the question of open access through the documentation of an object, including description, license and manufacturing plan. Divided into two groups, participants will be invited to build objects derived from The Bouctje, or to reflect on how to secure a free license for the physical object. Finally, identity sheets for each new creation will be developed and disseminated through a website dedicated to open source objects, launched especially for the occasion. The workshop will take place in Rue du Métal, in collaboration with the space Realize*.


A financial contribution of €15 will be requested for the use of materials. Open to 15 participants - registration by email.


* Sharing knowledge and tools, Realize brings together the resources for an open community, and is a place and an atmosphere conducive to the inception, design and implementation of ideas.