Crazy Polish Communist-Inspired Design

The best of Crazy Polish Communist-Inspired Design exhibition is taking place in Brussels from 9th to 30th of September 2014.


New generation take on design, but influenced by specific Polish historical realm and different perception of the world and reality. The design that goes beyond the obvious, triggers curiosity and amazes! Only during the Design September event!


Simple form of a box that may be related to a telephone booth, a news stand, or a lantern. A small enough focus point to raise curiosity, but that is still easily approachable and understandable. Easy to place in urban Brussels architecture and available at any time – day and night.

Well lit booths will grab the attention of the by-passers, and focus it on the presentation of the content. The dimensions will help to identify it as information point, which will be easily accessible for anyone.

The items presented in the booth will show the novel design patterns that are not yet well-known outside Poland. These design patterns and ideas stem from alternative history and without proper presentation are difficult to access for visitors of Brussels.


• Focuses on a Polish region of Łódź situated in central Poland, known for its factories and industrial environment, home to some of the most outstanding examples of the new generation way of thinking about design.

• A clear example that modern design reaches well beyond the folklore often associated with Poland.

What for?

• To show the other not-so-well-known face of the modern Polish design.

• To demonstrate a totally different approach rooted in specific historical circumstances.

For whom?

• For everyone visitor of Brussels.

• Concepts and relations obvious for Poles are often entirely unknown to those, who did not experience the communist era with its different reality: pace of life, values, or priorites.


D44 Architecture

Polish Tourist Organisation

Lodzkie Region

City of Łódź

Radomsko City


THE Box design –

Exposition themes (selected participants):

• kids playground - ,

• lifestyle -, Radomsko City, City of Łódź

• ecology -,,

• utilitarian -

Planned Location

Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grain/rue Antoine Dansaert, 1000 Brussels

Square Marie-Louise 2, 1000 Brussels

Square in front of European Parliament (Place of Solidarity)

Open cocktail 11th of September at 6 p.m. in Lodzkie house, Square Marie Louise 2, 1000 Brussels

Media Contact: - Agnieszka Gansiniec, HYPERLINK "" , tel.: +32 497 45 81 54