INFO POINT DESIGN SEPTEMBER & Mozzarella Bar S.Pellegrino by Pimpinelle

Pimpinelle is the epicenter, the information center, the meeting and discussion point for Design September 2014.

Pimpinelle is a place where all activities about food and design are happening.

Laureate of Commerce Design Brussels 2013, Pimpinelle received a carte blanche from S.Pellegrino to organize an event on the theme of design and italian cooking.

In a Mozarella Bar open for the event, the tuesdays to Saturdays for lunch, in the all month of september, you will compose your plate, selecting the best italian products. Beside Pimpinelle, Les Oliviers de Florence will be your market for fine italian groceries and on a practical side, you will be able to learn how to cook with fresh mozzarella in two workshops given by Aline Gerard, blogger of La Table d'Aline.

Two installations will be presented around the concept of the dining table, Tavola -S.Pellegrino and Tavolina. For the installation Tavola-S.Pellegrino, Pimpinelle invites the agency Segno Italiano to use the space of the boutique. Being art director, editor of design and agent of craftsman, Segno Italiano promotes the italian tradition and craftsmanship with the production of high quality objects. During Design September, Pimpinelle will also present Tavolina: a limited series of tables designed by two young Belgian designers, Alix Welter and Pierre Philippe Duchâtelet.

You are invited to discover the timeline of the project, the work of the participants and a detailed program of the events on the site and by following the fan page of Pimpinelle on