Sylvain Willenz, + CIRVA, glassworks

We are very pleased to announce the ‘Sylvain Willenz + CIRVA, glassworks’ exhibition, presenting the groundbreaking Belgian designer’s explorations of glass and it’s particular processes at the renowned CIRVA research and development centre in Marseille, France over the past three years and resulting in an extended batch of new works to be discovered, defying the boundaries of the nobel material. The exhibition will be representing two limited editions of different colours, a range of furniture and lighting works, realised exclusively at the CIRVA as exclusive editions for Victor Hunt Designart Dealer and realised with a developed technique of glass blown within an iron mould. Additionally two editions of tableware will be presented, one produced as a limited edition by the CIRVA and one unlimited edition by former-CIRVA and now Bretagne based craftsman Olivier Fonderflick, developed with a reinterpretation of the lost wax technique but applied upon polystyrene models. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of photographs taken over the past 3 years of Sylvain’s researches as documents from the technical developments themselves as well as his personal experience at the CIRVA. The two editions will be available through partner stores such as Phillips de Pury & Company, Moss and many more besides the Victor Hunt flagship store in Brussels. The exhibition will be running at the Victor Hunt Gallery in Brussels through September 2012 for the occasion of Design September 2012. We are also particularly excited to announce the exhibition’s later participation at the new design section of this year’s edition of the Interieur Biennale in October, the 2012 Design Miami edition early December, Design Days Dubai end of March 2013 and at the Valerie Traan Gallery in Antwerp in 2013.


Vernissage : Thursday 06.09.2012 – 18h - 22h.