Atelier 4/5

Atelier 4/5 is an association between Jean-François Glorieux and Florent Grosjean, both architects who graduated in 2007 at the I.S.A. Saint-Luc Bruxelles. Driven by a need to express their creativity through handicraft and by their passion for old items and furniture, they decided to launch their own design workshop in 2009, in parallel with their work at their firms of architects.


The hunt for antique items and materials with interesting design and textures is at the basis of their work. In a second stage, as creative craftsmen, they buckle down to put new value to these existing items by transforming them and combining them with other raw materials, either new or recycled. Atelier 4/5 only realises unique, simple, rough, surprising and sustainable pieces, by experimenting and playing with contrasts, colours, textures, proportions, flexibility, simplicity, sense of humour, functionality and the winks of the past.


In 2012, and as a consequence of this fruitful collaboration, they have decided to also start up their own firm of architects running on from the philosophy of Atelier 4/5.