Nouvelles créations

Upcycling & Fablabs

Laetitia & Patrick are one. One night, they had a craving. The desire to open a place where they could showcase their talents in common. Laetitia like the kind of interiors where you feel good, warm and bold, full of ideas, full of forms and colors, the luminous atmospheres rich in details. Patrick likes above all to create. Designer, artist, craftsman, he creates useful, decorative and always surprising objects, sometimes a work of art, sometimes a functional object, and sometimes both at the same time. In few days, they found the place, a former trade of upwards of Ixelles, two steps away from the Tenbosch Park, and they have spruced it up to make from it a welcoming space ready to unveil all their finds, all their creations and all their decorating ideas. The ground floor of the Mélèzes Street houses the store, the cellars and their workshop. TILT the shop and TILT studio were born. TILT ? Because they have tilted. Tilted on this common desire. And also because the only real criterion of selection of objects and present creations in the store, that’s because they both tilt while seeing or imagining them in their heads. When they like it, they exchange a look, they tilt. Because TILT it’s also this, Things I Love Today, the store of things and interiors that we love. TILT universe is governed by what will make you melt, by the shapes and colors, by lights and smells, because for them, life is beautiful and it deserves all this. Together, they created a surprising and unique place, closer to the eclectic spirit and colorful San Francisco villas of Scandinavian design. They imagined a kind of harmonious wunderkammer where there are small furniture, works of art, lamps, vases, perfumes, jewelry and a thousand and one other ideas where everyone can find the big or small gift to offer or afford. We can find in TILT creations “made in here” of TILT studio, works of art and of brands as Ortigia and many other things.
Date event : 26-09 & 27-09 Opening hours: 2-7pm Vernissage: 26/09 6-10 pm Tel: 0478342970 address: 103 rue des Mélèzes 1050 Ixelles Website: