- Evolutionary installation based on the first collaboration between the J&J and Jean-Paul Lespagnard workshops / Extra-Ordinary - Presentation of a research capsule range combining fashion and design. - Appropriations of popular elements integrated into the design of Ateliers J&J and Jean-Paul Lespagnard's work. - Wheels, Floor Cushions, Wooden Ball Massage Mat, Safety Belt, Square Tubes www.extra-ordinaire.be / www.ateliersjetj.com Instagram : @ateliersjetj & @extra__ordinaire
Date event : 10-09 > 04-10 Opening hours: Wed > Sun 1-8pm Vernissage: 10/09 6-9pm Tel: 0472610436 address: 37a rue des bouchers 1000 Brussels Website: http://www.extra-ordinaire.be