Latitude + Anyways + Collectif dallas


As part of the feasibility study of Place Maurice Van Meenen and its surroundings, Latitude + Anyways + collectif dallas settle for the summer in front of the town hall of Saint-Gilles to conduct surveys with inhabitants, users or simple passers-by on questions such as mobility, public space and greening. The realised range of furniture allows to activate the temporary occupation of the place, to ensure the permanent presence of the team during the study, to welcome the public, to stimulate the discussion around a large table, a dozen seats, a small terrace and a model, echoed by their shape and their slope of the study area. The temporality of the project raises the question of the resource of materials used. The access to the stocks of the road and green space services of the Municipality of Saint-Gilles allows to respond by using the materials and objects found there: flower pots, post legs, blue stone blocks, stock of reused wood and others. These are then re-considered, diverted, juxtaposed according to their shapes, dimensions, and materiality to suddenly become a table or a seat. Most of them must be returned in the same condition as they were before. At the end of the project, these elements are simply stacked or strapped together.
Date event : 15-06 > 22-09 Tel: 0 485 78 94 61 address: Place Maurice van Meenen 1060 Saint-Gilles Website: