FabLab'ke@home : la vie d'un FabLab (un peu spécial) durant le confinement.

Upcycling & Fablabs

What remains, for this fablab intended for the youngest, of this period of confinement? No longer able to perform face-to-face activities, the FabLab'ke had to adapt: - Fifi and Craow, two puppets, animated during this period educational and fun videos in order to keep the link and help in the face of isolation. - Kits, called brikokits, were distributed to play makers at home. At the same time, the FabLab'ke was one of the sites for prototyping and mass production of anti-Covid protective elements (masks and visors).
Date event : 12-09 & 13-09 Opening hours: 11am-4pm Tel: 003224158603 address: 4, rue Mommaerts à 1080 Molenbeek Website: https://fablabke.be/