Présentation d'un circuit ultra-court de recyclage du plastique

Upcycling & Fablabs

Bel Albatros offers to accompany companies concerned about their environmental footprint towards a responsible management of their plastic waste according to the principles of the circular economy. We collect plastic waste from companies in order to transform it into raw material (pellets) that we re-inject into dies in collaboration with the Belgiplast injector. Bel Albatros processes the main categories of plastics for everyday consumption such as PE, PP and ABS. To simplify sorting at the consumer level, we offer a thematic approach by type of object (caps, bottles, bags, etc.) using customised receptacles adapted to the collection site. The more precise the sorting is upstream, the less energy is consumed in recycling the plastic. It is therefore important to encourage consumers to participate in optimising sorting by means of playful devices such as colour schemes. We mainly collect industrial waste. Our main activity is based on the manufacture of durable objects: useful, non-disposable and recyclable. This notion is relative and debatable, which is why we think about it together. Small series < 2000 pieces Although injection moulding is a fast and energy-efficient manufacturing technique with very good quality results, it is historically reserved for large or very large series due to the price and the high complexity of the mould design. However, thanks to the very latest 3D SLA (light-curing resin) printing technology, we offer a professional service for the injection production of small series of your item. We accompany you in the design of the final design of your part, then model it in order to produce the resin mould. The SLA printing technology allows fast and cost-effective printing of reliable moulds in series of up to 1000 injection cycles. The resin still shows thermal and mechanical weaknesses compared to steel: the parameterisation is delicate and confirms that this method is designed for prototyping and small production series. Once the mould has been created, we only inject plastic that we have recycled ourselves. Large series > 2000 pieces This involves machining a mould starting from a block of steel. We make the negative of the part, the ejection systems as well as the cooling circuits. This is a technical and tedious operation that is costly for less than 2000 parts. Once the mould is created, we only inject with our recycled plastic pellets.
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