Peter Donders


Peter Donders was born in 1965 in Leut, Belgium as son of a carpen- ter who was confined to a wheelchair for life due to polio. After primary school in Maasmechelen, he attended the well-known technical school in Maaseik and graduated at the age of 22 as a fur- niture maker. Immediately after graduation, Peter Donders became self-employed as a carpenter and experimented from early on with special shapes and materials. In 1994 he met his future wife “Christel” (†2010), whom he married in 1999. 1999 was a milestone in his life when he switched from pure crafts- manship to planning on the computer in 3D and CAD, which he deve- loped in self-study. In 2000 he planned and designed the temporary construction of the theatre for the musical Grace in Amsterdam. His only son “Casper” was born in 2001. This year was marked by the events of 9/11 which threw back the interest in 3D technology by years. The economic situation forced him to accept a position in a furniture company for three years. In 2004 he moved to Jezet-Seating where he designed and produced theater seats as a consultant. In the same year he was invited to an international conference in London, he presented his invention to use several computer pro- grams in combination to calculate his complex artistic forms. This innovative application of technology has been well received by archi- tects such as Sir Norman Foster and Zaha Hadid and is still revoluti- onary today. He was one of the first to use “polygonal modelling” in combinati- on with Rhino and designed and realized (2008) for the Blackpools Grand Theater the 1’110 theatre seats in traditional design combin- ed with New World technology. The” C-Stone” and the “C-Bench” by Peter Donders, are machine-ma- de from a single string of carbon that has been guided around a tem- porary mandrel. The result is an airy but strong structure, described by Rob Cassy (The Garden Design Journal) as ‘calligraphy in 3D’. The chair “Batoidea”, designed for the design competition and pro- duced in 3D-printed sand casting, was presented at the Moscow Design Week 2011 in the same year and subsequently presented at various exhibitions in Europe. Many other revolutionary designs in various shapes and materials followed, especially for furniture and jewellery. Since 2013 he has been teaching 3D print product design at the SYNTRA school in Belgium. In 2015 the Ti-join chair was part of the MAKING A DIFFERENCE / A DIFFERENCE IN MAKING Exhibition.25 years 3D Printing by Materiali- se, Belgium. 2017 Peter was invited by the Hong Kong Council to a reading about his 3D print designs Shelly” can be described as the next major milestone as a chair made of 3D die-cast bronze. The 37kg bronze chair with its open structure, based on the Art Nouveau style, combines the latest tech- nology with lines drawn from nature. Today Peter Donders lives together with his son and works in Bree, Belgium.
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