Atelier Sebastian


I am a dreamer both by day and by night. This is reflected into the essence of my designs and, in this particular case, at a floating and light 110 degree angle. The Zig Zag Is a simplistic wall shelf that takes great care to balance polished lacquered steel and handmade solid walnut shelving in full equilibrium with each other. The design aims to reduce its physical impact to a minimum and fundamentally reflects a light, malleable vision of day to day life. Combining natural and man-made materials, the Zig Zag seeks to explore the depths of the relationship between usability, symbolism and form. As the dreams continue day and night, so do their profound influence across my design range
Date event : 26-09 & 27-09 Opening hours: 10am-6pm Tel: +32472844341 address: Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Bruxelles Website: