Call it a subtle celebration of style and texture, or an underplayed declaration of love for cooking. Call it what you will, because Nomax kitchens are personal.
Let’s avoid calling it modular, though. Modular kitchens are bits of kitchen put together in different ways. At Nomax, we start with a frame. And that frame doesn’t even remotely look like a kitchen yet. A frame takes the space it is given, your space. It doesn’t impose measurements, it doesn’t judge whether a space is too small or to bulky.
The frame is optimized by applying a natural mathematical rhythm to it, to get the proportions and the balance exactly right - that’s the Scandinavian logic.
You now have a canvas for further exploration of cupboard sizes, number of drawers, shelves, accessories and of course textures and finish. Everything you need to create your vibrant and inspiring new cooking hotspot. TECH WITH TASTE. 
Like in proper cooking, there are no shortcuts.
Nomax does not use any inferior materials like melamine. All drawers and doors are mounted directly on the metal space frame.
The frame is entirely designed with 3D CAD software and developed in-house.
It’s made of CNC folded and laser-cut metal. By rationalizing this part of the production process, we can afford greater freedom and flexibility for the actual components of the kitchen.
That’s the cold technical bit. Everything else is craft, love and old school furniture making skills. Every knob, handle, board and shelf is hand-fitted, tested, approved and admired by humans. What is true for recipes is true for Nomax kitchens: they vary from one cook to another. HOW MUCH DOES YOUR BUILDING WEIGH, NORMAN?
Buckminster Fuller 
The beauty of a Nomax kitchen doesn’t just lie in its aesthetics.
Our frame-based design considerably reduces the amount of materials needed.
No more idle panels and boards, no more extra bits just because we made them.
Every panel fitted, is a panel with a purpose. Glue is not invited to the party, as all elements of a Nomax kitchen hold together mechanically.
At the end of its life cycle, everything can be easily dismounted, separated and properly recycled. And during its long and happy life, broken bits can easily be replaced without reconstructing entire parts of the kitchen. NOMAX JUSTHAPPENS TO BE IN THE KITCHEN AREA. 
Our original aim was not to create a beautiful kitchen, but a wonderful piece of designer furniture on which you happen to do the cooking, where the olive oil happens to be and the aroma of the warm apple crumble happens to rise from.
Like the Italians, we believe that the kitchen is not a separate place, but the natural and essential center of the house.
The kitchen is alive, the heartbeat of the house, giving the love for great food and wonderful conversation. So, a Nomax kitchen is designed to be used, and can take a bit of mess. It is not a wall-to-wall storage room or an industrial cooking facility.
A Nomax kitchen is an integral part of life at home. Many chefs have a Nomax kitchen at home, because it brings them back to the essence of their craft, and to a more intimate experience: the joy of cooking in a quality environment for a selective audience, friends and family alike.
Date event : 26-09 & 27-09 Opening hours: 10am-6pm Tel: +32485066872 address: Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Bruxelles Website: https://pjmares.be