Every Second a garbage truck of textiles is wasted globally. Only 1% will be recycled. This is because recycling, repair and remanufacturing practices are unfortunately still complicated and expensive as the removal of different materials, zippers and buttons calls for manual assistance, making the process both costly and time consuming. Resortecs® solves this problem by supplying a system that includes heat-dismountable stitching threads, rivets that allow for automated disassembly and cost-effective recycling. Resortecs’ sewing thread for example can be used on existing stitching machines, can be washed and if needed ironed, but unlike regular sewing thread it dissolves at 200 degrees Celsius. When used for seams, the whole textile product can easily be disassembled, without damaging the materials, so that the fabric can be used over and over in new ways, cutting the need to produce fabric from scratch. Resortecs® is a key enabler of producing products for a growing world population, while operating within the planetary boundaries and ensuring long-term business success. Next to facilitating repair and recycling, Resortecs® helps reduce the costs involved with unsold inventory by allowing for efficient revalorisation processes. The enhanced modularity, efficiency and adaptability raises as well the industry’s resilience, reduces environmental impacts and CO2-emissions and allows for companies to become future proof with regards to material sourcing and changing (environmental) legislation – especially in Europe. Thanks to its effortless implementation at industrial scale in the current manufacturing processes, Resortecs® dissolvable stitching thread and heat-dismountable rivets have the potential to become industry standards as a stepping stone towards performant sustainable practices. It is for this reason that Resortecs was awarded by H&M foundation in Stockholm and the Textirama foundation in Kortrijk; and receives the support of The Mills Fabrica’s Tech-style incubator in Hong Kong, MAD Brussels as well as Kering’s and C&A foundation’s Fashion-For-Good accelerator in Amsterdam. As a partner of the CE100 by Ellen MacArthur foundation and with the Solar Impulse 1000 Solutions certification, Resortecs® contributes to the worldwide circular transition. Resortecs was launched in 2017 by Cédric Vanhoeck and Vanessa Counaert. Its mission? Accelerate the implementation of circular economy in the textile industry and reduce its environmental harmful impact. ------------------------------------------- Cédric is trained as an industrial design engineer at the Tu Delft and brand manager at Domus Academy Milan. When he later arrived at the Antwerp Fashion Academy, he realised the dream of Fashion does not extends beyond the curtain. He then decided to dedicate his time and design-engineering expertise to tackle the environmental challenges of the fashion and textile industry and developed solutions like Resortecs’ stitching thread. Vanessa holds an MBA from Solvay Business School (Belgium) and a Master in Business Design from Domus Academy (Italy). She has more than fifteen years of healthcare and business experience, working at the intersection of marketing, strategy and finance for an international company. As an expert in financial modelling and go-to-market strategies, Vanessa tackles Resortecs’ commercial and business challenges.
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