LICHEN A lichen is a plant-like organism, living in symbiosis with plants in a rhizomatous way by adapting to various surfaces. They grow on both natural and industrial debris, without roots. Lichens process sunlight by photosynthesis, therefore always facing south, becoming a recurring sign for travellers. Eight artists, having participated in a residency programme called WALDEINSAMKEIT during the last two months in the domain of Wildenburg Castle (Wingene), will arrive in the City of Brussels, in order to work on the symbiosis of their projects. Jonas Dehnen, Stan D'Haene, Günbike Erdemir, Mark Grootes, Eline Harmse, Jules Labath, Hilde Onis and Martijn Petrus are leaving the solitude of the large estate to commemorate the last days of summer in the concrete forest of Molenbeek. Like lichens, they will cover everything from the bark of trees to concrete pillars, blossoming and germinating new narrative. Lichen is a collaborative exhibition between WESK and Claptrap, and is made possible thanks to the generous support of Innocastle, Joesphine Desprets, the Embassy of the the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Curatorial Studies KASK.
Date event : 3,4,5,6,11,12 & 13-09 Opening hours: 2-6 pm Vernissage: 02/09 6-10 pm Tel: +32 499 508 023 address: 84 Chaussée de Ninove, 1080 Brussels Website: http:///