Belgian design @ THE GAME Sylvain Willenz + Marina Bautier

This year The Game decided to put the spotlight on Belgian talent for Design September : the designs by Sylvain Willenz and Marina Bautier for Stattmann Neue Moebel will be given special attention.

All members of the Profile collection by Sylvain Willenz have a clear and simple appearance. Its chairs, as well as its round and rectangular tables, are made in ash. They are robust but at the same time lightweight and elegant; and they exist in a selection of several warm colors.

Marina Bautier’s Unit is a versatile and clever shelving system, made entirely of massive wood (ash for the colors or pure oak), and of which there are three variations: a coat rack, a desk, and a shelving system. All three variations consist of elements that are plugged into two wooden wall ledges; which makes it very easy to change the order and positioning of the boards.

The Game will use this opportunity to present the new additions to the Profile and Unit collection!