Art 48 + CELL’ection

ART48 is an architecture and design office located in Ixelles. We will present you the works of Celeste Finez Ampudia, Delphine van den Berch & Yannick Zeegers, three professionals with a passion for furniture and design. These designs have been implemented within the framework of architectural projects or personal research activities.You will also discover our new construction concept, ECOSPACE BELGIUM.

Our approach is to create high quality sustainable building at a fixed cost and short delivery period by combining design and off-site construction. Our philosophy is to provide a flexible modular building that could be simply tailored, reconfigured or extended and applied to a diverse range of uses and building types.

Cell'ection's philosophy is to try to offer a new life to existing objects, rather than wasting energy to produce "new" ones, It is about reparing and showcasing existing objects for RE-USE, with an ecological consciousness. Cell'ection looks for objects that share 3 characteristics: They exist, are functional, and aestheticly pleasing.