Auguste&Claire - Panoplie

Auguste & Claire is a Franco-Belgian creative duo composed by Matthieu Gualandi and Bénédicte Blondel. Since 2012 they share their passion for interior design, do-it-yourself creations and inspirations on their blog

They recently developed a range of furniture and functional interior objects made with upcycled or repurposed objects, like the copper tube collection.

All the products are handcrafted in Brussels, in small series or made to order. Minimalism falls within this approach, as they stand for less-is-more, for quality rather than quantity. They want to highlight the importance of objects that surround us, getting to know their history and experience them on a long-term basis rather than just “consuming” them.

The exhibition will present their collection of “Alice” lamps, unique ceiling lights handmade with second-hand tableware, and their series of copper pipes furniture.

Auguste & Claire aim to prove that it is possible to decorate an interior with sustainable and personalised design, by using quality and/or waste material. They will be pleased to share with you their creative ideas!