Charlotte Lancelot by Gan Rug @ Diito Dansaert

Charlotte Lancelot

She studied at the Industrial department of the Ecole Nationale des Arts Visuels de la Cambre in Brussels, where she graduated with honours in 2003. She worked with architect and designer Alain Berteau for two years, before setting up her own studio. She collaborated with internationally recognized brands such as GAN, Koziol, Konstantin Slawinski, Kidslab, Easyoga, sdesign, rvb, le MUDAM. In 2012, she started her collaboration with Gan and presented her “Canevas” collection (rugs, poufs, cushions) made of oversized felt cross-stiches. She launched her second complete collection “Silaï” with Gan in 2015. Her work was highlighted by 101% designbrussels, Elisabeth Leriche, le magazine Wallpaper, The New York Times, le monde, Archiproducts... Her work is characterized by an emotional bond with everyday objects, which surpass their own functions to bring wellbeing and joy into our lifes. She creates and mixes textures, patterns, colours and natural materials. She gets her inspiration from past references that she integrates in contemporary aesthetics. Her creations tell stories, they take you out and remind you of memories, they give you a taste of freedom.


Eight years ago, the belgian lifestyle magazines related the story of three architects in their early thirties embarking on a new adventure : Diito. The shop opened in the neighborhood of the Cambre abbey, on three levels of an old house : a space halfway beween a gallery and a furniture shop, exhibiting vintage pieces, selected contemporary works, prototypes...and a strong commitment to do things differently. Since then, Diito has grown. The three owners are now in their fourties, they have been joined by one more associate and, probably in search of a new challenge, they are now opening a second showroom in the Dansaert area. It will have the same principle of strict selection of objects, the same will to combine design items from all around the world but with a particular focus on smaller objects. Besides sofas, tables, lamps and other pieces of furniture selected in historic and contemporary collections, they will propose to discover a whole range of carefully selected accessories from smaller brands, sometimes less-known, or distributed for the first time in Belgium.