Cappelle Opticien

Founded in Brussels in January 2014 by Elisabeth Baeza, mala leche Design® is a fresh brand that offers original and unconventional objects as well by their form than by the material used. This allows free use of the objects according to his imagination.
Design is a way of being, thinking and doing. It inspires common values in order to suggest emotions and offer a new perspective on the world around us. Ogust' furniture is the result of a study on forms 'ambivalence and contrasted materials.

Graphics : the profile.

The function: it is installed by a gap left voluntarily in shape, as if it were  to be enough to perform the object function to create its use. The digital cutting allowed the creation of a furniture instantaneous manner and this one speed execution and precision quality interested me during the realization of this prototype, because it generated the desire to glimpse the hidden meaning of the shapes. Made of polyethylene foam, mainly used in the industry as a cushioning material, Ogust is incredibly light. Its design makes it easily dismountable and transportable which breaks the rules of traditional manufacturing. The dark foam and the light birch gives a beautiful "chiaroscuro" contrast. Ogust offers an unusual aesthetic by using raw diverted materials, simple precisely cut lines and funny colored ropes for the assembly. It can be used, thanks to its multiple openings, as a cabinet or as a stand, in a domestic or professional environment.