Who’s afraid of Betty De Stefano… ?

Who’s afraid of Betty De Stefano… ?

 Within the framework of 2015 Design September, Betty De Stefano and Mr Gijs Bakker are delighted to present an exclusive collection of contemporary jewellers edited by label chi ha paura at the Collectors’ Gallery.

This brand of design jewellery was co-founded by Mr Gij Bakker and shows off the concept of the jewel more than the value of its components, giving everyone the opportunity and pleasure of wearing an original designer piece.

Save the dates :

Exhibition from 10 to 30 September – 

Meet Mr Gijs Bakker - Cocktail on Saturday 26 September from 2 to 8p.m @ Collectors Gallery 17 rue Lebeau 1000 Brussels (Sablon) in the presence of the co-founder of chi ha paura, Mr Gijs Bakker and other contemporary jewellery designers.

( info@collectors-gallery.com)