Damien Gernay - Blanc Cassé

Mazel gallery, invite Damien Gernay to present his latest experiments.

« BLANC CASSÉ » will be representing an overview of new creations that explores the notion of the white colour, which a physical alteration will render functional.

The white colour as original colour, as a reference to the painter’s canvas or to the writer’s blank sheet from which the act becomes object.
Puzzling and intricate, Damien Gernay’s work celebrates paradox in an offbeat and refreshing way. The Brussels-based designer has been crafting his own singular voice, challenging the boundaries between design and art. Whether he’s working on a lamp, a table, a stool or a mirror, Gernay manages to combine control with spontaneity, mixing the smooth with the rough. His creative gestures are inspiring and generous, without being obvious.