Deep Architects – Studio Architecture

deep architects is the result of a collaboration between an architect and an interior designer and therewith a multidisciplinary architect studio.

The projects studied are very varied, the approach aims at being global, from sketch to realization. Sobriety, details, finesse and above all customization are the keywords that characterize our architecture.

The analysis of the context and the uniqueness of the house-owner are the starting points of our architectural research; their identities give rise to unique projects.

Within the framework of ten years Design September, we launch a new furniture line, resulting from a search related to architecture, specifically from a concluding reflection on questions and requests by our customers. Their comments and expectations are often similar and this is why we try to respond to them by launching our own label. The created furniture will all be modular and combinable. They can operate as single items or in groups to fit the dimensions of the interior of each.

The series of objects presented revolve around the same observations related to modulation and habitat change. Design and established forms of the furniture will be the mere result of reflections on its function.

The used materials are mainly wood, the other elements as natural as possible and recyclable, following the principles of ecodesign.

The architect’s office will open its doors to expose their work and much space will be dedicated to the presentation of the different objects.