Diverted Objects

Diverted Objects is a workshop and an installation developed by the collective LibreObjet around the "fork" applied to objects. The "fork" means an object having a common root with a second one. Initially twins, these two objects will separate and follow their own developments. Starting with a specifically built object, how will it be re-appropriated physically by a third? Simple materials, a few tools and time constraints are the basic ingredients to explore and test the links and kinship boundaries of this object's family tree.

The results of a one-day workshop will be exhibited for a month in the window of Constant in the frame of the project Constant V (Venster/Vitrine), a series of exhibitions that Constant proposes to its neighbors in the district of Saint-Gilles and in general to all those who are interested in the combination of art, design and technology. 

Libre Objet is a group of industrial and graphic designers, hackers and artists who have in common a questioning around the open source industrial design, and the processes and productions that result from it. The objective is to provide tools to make available the manufacture of design objects to a broader public.

Constant is an interdisciplinary lab engaged in the fields of art and media and focused on the culture and ethics of the web.