Enjoy The Wait

The initiative For a Better City was created in order to stimulate public debate on the current form of outdoor furniture in Prague. Urban street furniture in the Czech capital does not have a unified appearance reflecting the aesthetic and functional needs of the city and its inhabitants. In addition, the current state of street furniture divides Prague into a historical centre with unified furniture and a periphery with unsightly and devastated rubbish bins, bus shelters and benches. The organisers of this initiative are top Czech designer Michal Froněk, a Czech manufacturer of urban street furniture, the company mmcité led by designers David Karásek and Radek Hegmon, and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM). This group of designers and teachers has decided to organise a competition for design students and choose the winning design from among UMPRUM students' end-of-semester projects on the topic of urban street furniture in Prague.

At the opportunity of the exhibition in Brussels we want to familiarise you with the winning design by Eduard Herrmann, inspired by the river that runs through the Czech capital and has been an integral part of it since its inception, significantly helping to shape its character. The design should come across as conservative yet spontaneous and thus inconspicuously blend in with this ancient yet elegant city that is adorned by nearly all the important architectural styles. The goal of the For a Better City initiative is to open up the public debate on urban street furniture in Prague and attempt to point out the shortcomings of the current design for public transport stops, rubbish bins, benches, Citylight boards and advertising space in the city centre in general.