Parcours Graphiques, Atelier Jean-Pol Rouard

The exhibition and the catalog gather the best of the production of more than twenty five years of teaching graphics arts within this Studio of the School of graphic research (Erg) of Brussels supervised by Jean-Pol Rouard.

Different from traditional Studios, he acted most of the time as a free electron, acquiring an almost autonomous functioning within the institution of which he is a member. The Studio deliberately chose to be an issuer of projects, to find an anchoring in the reality of the world of the work, to immerse completely the student in the subjects which it approaches, to familiarize him in the relations with the various actors of the cultural sphere. The active ingredient of a successful pedagogy it is the enthusiasm, the shared complicity, the confidence in the boldness and the diversity of the experiences. The success seemed to the meeting throughout these years, with these students' works regularly published, distinguished and prize-winning.