Photo (φωτoς) sensible_ In-between photography and design, Laboriver and histoireda get together in order to talk about light. One uses the light when drawing; the other gives it a support. 

All the way from graphic inspiration to the creation workshop the leitmotiv is driven by the same sensitivity. Both creative manual, this unusual association proposes an introduction into their global and transversal approach. Developing….an idea, a moment… the final products are brought to life in the workshop.

On the occasion of Design September, the Laboriver workshop (www.laboriver.be) located - 50 rue du midi Brussels 1000 – in one of the most frequented neighborhoods of Brussels open their workspace and propose sharing the workshop with photography and design.

histoireda - is the association between an architect and an interior architect : Guillaume Burnet + Déborah Van der Linden. At first glance it is the story of a two architects association, that developed into a friendship story and few years later became A story - the love story between 2, then 3, and 4. A project driven by the wish to multiply the A, and define them. The exchange.. of ideas, of intentions, of needs, ... that takes shape through various objects that fill our daily life. The result is pure raw pieces - cut straight out of our lives - original pieces.

The naive need of sharing - with the many others - that brought color to our interiors: the laugh of a child, the calm breath of a baby, enlightened dreams, brightened ideas...

Maximum accessibility
Each object is designed to have a maximum accessibility. The creation process - throughout a transverse, cross cut idea: of production, distribution, assemblage - aims to create original pieces - at the lowest cost. Maintaining a local production, affordable, made simple, by minimal handling.

The objects can be manufactured at request. Excepting storage costs or risk related impact - each object can be adapted to personal needs.