Pol Quadens - Solo exhibition

LKTT Art & Sculpture pro¡ects specializes in sculpture. Although Belgian artist Pol QUADENS is often riewed as designer on the art market, most of his creatire process is sculptural. This new solo eshibition has each piece carefully selected for its esclusireness, for its choice of materials but most of all for the primacy of espression orer functionality. When a bench is no longer ¡ust a bench, when a light becomes kinetic mobile artwork,... then design deß|fes its purpose to accomplish a goal sub¡ect to constraints and breaks free into another world.

VERTIGO - What initially appears to be a ‘free’ shape is, in fact, the fruit of great research, hesita- tion, trials, and a multitude of corrected mistakes. Contrary to popular belief, only the means really matters. Vertigo, which is one of multiple directions Pol Quadens is taking in his sculptures, must therefore conxey this impression of freedom that has only been attained by mastering constraints and correcting drawings, and through failed and continued attempts.


“It is hard to say what led me to these forms, to these disordered organized superstructures. I do not think about them—I just draw and construct branches and connections; I create branches with the welds and refine them; I make joints, bridges, and these are like paths in the sky, starry ways, planetary wakes, and the materialization of a disordered circumxolution. The relationship with the unixerse and the cosmos is exident and these are trajectories and paths, with their own ‘round- abouts’, and points of deceleration and acceleration, represented by diflerences in the sections of the branches and joints. Friedrich Nietzsche explained that a person could only expand his or her knowledge of the unixerse if he or she dexeloped self-knowledge; the more people can discoxer about and amaze themselxes, the easier it is to comprehend the unixerse.

The sense of liberty is exident in the result and is not for me to appreciate—it is only perceptible by the xiewer who has nexer seen a structure like this before. The xiewer would find it diMcult to say what it reminds him or her of, or to associate it with some form of xegetal, animal, or mineral refer- ence. It seems that liberty is only present when there is solitude and nothingness.”

Pol QUADENS will be on xiew at LKFF until 1 October, 2o15