QUIDAM’s designers Valérian Larose and Damien Gourdin, whose offices have been settled in the Dansaert Centre since 2011, develop the identity of public spaces in a global perspective, and come forward with practical applications through traditional media, street furniture or public signage.

While the first edition of their evolutionary commercial signage project DEVIATION-OMLEGGING (www.deviation-omlegging.be) has just come to an end, through a collaboration with the Beursschouwburg, they are now working on the development of new experimental projects that question the interaction between city and citizen.

Just as they did for their open days of 2013 (http://player.vimeo.com/video/77389683), this year they’ll offer visitors of Design September 2015 the opportunity to participate in a new experience combining service design with citizen participation, mapping with random generation, and resulting in unique screen-printed creations.