FORMa* - Serpentin 34

… On a human scale, considering environment and context. The FORMa* architecture studio of Benoît Nis and Julien Renaux practises a honest architecture, expressing a clear response to the program.

…Thoughtful, economically and an aesthetically, this project densifies the urban tissue in a neighbourhood that’s famous for it’s central location and good public transports.

…The project’s principal asset is the sensation of space.

…The carefully picked-out details highlight the pure lines.

Freely translated from: “FORMa* - architectural desire” article by Marie Pok, journalist an director of the Centre for Innovation and Design in Grand Hornu (CID)

“Open Doors” is an opportunity to spend some time together, exchange some thoughts and viewpoints.

On this occasion, we will experience this site together. We will reveal you the founding of the project; it’s considerations and leading ideas, the story from the white sheet of paper till the building.

How the initial constraints contributed to the design of the project and gave it his character?

“Open Doors” is also the pleasure of receiving you “live” and to present you our work.