With the collaborative concept FurnitureInResidence, the young duo of architects De Clercq + Declercq aim to show their work in a fresh and informal format.

The Chicago Café, a cozy meeting place and work café, will be the host of De Clercq + Declercq’s first showcase installation - Totemina.


For this project, the architects collaborate with visual artist Ludivine Lechat. The three not only share the same office, but also a passion to create in a playful and clever way.

In response of Design September, Sofie De Clercq and Katrien Declercq will create a constantly evolving piece of furniture: Totemina, on which Ludivine Lechat will apply her artwork.

« Once a week in September, we will reconstruct the Totemina. We will also invite the customers of Chicago Café to interact with it and recompose the installation according to their own vision » explain the architects.


Totemina is formed by different architectural elements which are put together to shape the totem pole. The installation also has a function in the café: one element will be used as a lamp, another as storage space with shelves,…

« Totem poles symbolize a tribe, clan or individual. Like the colourful mix of customers in the café, each pole is different and tells its own story. We wanted to create something changeable and interactive », the architects explain, "and we'd be happy if more people come and see it, and interact with it too".