Fabrice Schaefer - Fleur Bleu

Swiss jewellery designer
He is the alchemist of the metal, or the plastic metallurgist, he invents the tiny, namely the item worn, many other names occurs for this artist but he prefers the more sober, factual ,term, to be known as the jeweller.

The jeweller admits a fascination for hardness, the powerful noble metal: He works with the iron, titanium, but disdains silver because it’s too soft. From this resistance, from his struggle against the material, Schaefer is victorious: he deconstructs, he pulverises and rebuilt after he tamed the material. He invented the powdery metal, the wispy and the soft metal, the malleable. In a cycle defined but infinite, he’ll seek and find the contrast and not the discrepancy between gold and rust, titanium and pure silver, gold and gray mildew, zinc and pulverized garnet ... he creates his own raw materials, which derives the final identity of his works necessarily out of the ordinary.