Nicolas Destino


As a pioneer in conceptual design, Nicolas DESTINO is recognized for his vision of the object and the quality of his work which he usually presents in the form of collections.
His work aims to conceptualize the object by combining function and design to bring a strong identity to the object by creating an ambiguity and by offering several levels of interpretation. Therefore, conceptual design tries to combine intellectual pretensions with a keen sense of aesthetics. One of the standards of conceptual design is the diversion, which sublimates the objects.
Attentive to the manufacturing process, the young man guarantees a quality label and promotes local know-how through his own label, which he runs together with his activity as a designer. Thinking that the only synonym of beauty is sobriety, Nicolas DESTINO goes to the point by creating original refined objects that are characterized by geometric shapes.
Wishing to push away the creative boundaries, the designer tries to free himself from the industrial constraints by developing unique pieces, entirely home-made, which he is particularly fond of. These artistic and personal projects then give life to a surprising and offbeat universe in which the object is "defunctionalized" in order to leave more space for imagination.


Belgium is put in the spotlight through a series of ten contemporary design objects and geometric lines. The shape of the country has been stylized and reinterpreted into patterns, a contrast of mat and shiny textures highlighting a set of emblematic colors.
Many symbols are emphasized and question our relationship with the object. What is it? Is it a piece of art? Or is it handicrafts? Or an industrial object? Who is it designed for? Is it an elitist art or has it been derived from popular culture?