Thomas Meulder - Panoplie

Miss Dragonfly

MATERIALS : Solid oak / black lacquered steel / textile electric cable

DIMENSIONS : Length 210 cm / Width 7.2 cm / height adjustable in two positions

Miss Dragonfly is a freestanding modular suspended lamp.

The design’s nature of this fixture is born of the need to "move" a poorly positioned existing light point and the will to create a simple suspension articulated system. The horizontal beams can be adjusted in two positions, allowing to incline more or less the lamp. The lampshade can itself be placed at any height, depending on the length of the textile electrical cable. By rotating the metal hanger to almost 360 °, the user can position Miss Dragonfly wherever he wants. With its large dimensions, Miss Dragonfly is a majestic lamp, which exists as a real object more than a decorative element.


MATERIALS: aluminum sheet folded 2 mm white lacquered + bamboo panel 30 mm

DIMENSIONS: Length 100 cm / Width 100 cm / Height 30 cm

The meeting between the noble appearance and warm of the bamboo and smooth and angular side of the folded aluminum sheet. One rests on the other, conforming to its shape where it’s necessary. The space resulting from the meeting between the panel and the folded sheet allows the storage of books, magazines and accessories. The folding of the sheet gives shape and stability, starting from a cruciform base and ending with the support of the wooden panel at the fourth corner of this low table. 



MATERIALS: aluminum sheet 1.5mm folded lacquered

DIMENSIONS: Length 70 cm / Width 18 cm / H1 7 cm; H2 13 cm

Mister Ripple is an occasional furniture designed to bring together the various objects that usually hang on a desk and allowing both to elevate the computer screen. Made from aluminum sheet cut, bent and then welded in some points, it is available in lacquered finish. Its angular shape and its faces asymmetrically triangulated gives this object this sculptural side.