Gerard Kuijpers & Ben Storms - Résonance

Built in 1928 by Victor Bourgeois for his sculptor friend Oscar Jespers, the workshop operated until Oscar’s death in 1970. At the end of the 1920s, this space, which occupies over 400 m2, was a prime meeting place for Europe’s artistic avant-garde. To return it to its original use, we have arranged this first exhibition presenting the work of two Belgian artists/designers whose stonework resonates with the work of Oscar Jespers.

Ben Storms is a Belgian designer who thinks in terms of matter. He tends to assemble form, material and technique in a way that is both innovative and compelling. By probing its boundaries to and beyond the limits, he creates a rather surprising language of form.

Self-taught artist Gerard Kuijpers has been exploring the limits of the material for more than thirty years while searching for the essence of form and function. This quest reaches its climax in ‘Dancing Stones’: Here, all the contrasts come together, tensed in dialogue. The material has never been put to such an extreme challenge as it is in this ‘balancing exercise’. Moreover, each dancing stone is an ode to touch.