Studio Porcepolis

 Porcepolis is an alternative porcelain studio. Alternative, because it is an new way of learning and creating in ceramics, while being focused on porcelain.

Porcepolis is :

  • A studying place for porcelain and its manufacturing process, open to everybody.
  • A working platform for ceramicists and other creators who are interested in working with porcelain.
  • Information and advices on security and safety in the ceramics environment.

But mainly, Porcepolis means a creative and free spirit, and sharing the know-how of porcelain. It also means the redevelopment of traditional knowledges in a modern and urban way.

For this opening, Studio Porcepolis founded by ceramist Eve Vaucheret is welcoming designer Frédérique Ficheroulle who has been enchanted by the material and the peaceful atmosphere of the studio where she has been discovering and producing her work for a couple of months!