Homepage Furniture & More : 1 & 2

December 2011, Homepage creates the sensation in the seething and dynamic Châtelain  neighborhood.

The new shop already offered a  large range of contemporary design and was an immediate success. Its privileged location (corner of rue du Page and chaussée de Waterloo), its refined Italian and Scandinavian brands are among the major advantages of an original shop that was able to implement and enforce its identity.
April 2015 Homepage2 rides the wave of development, doubles down and settles just across ... the multiplication of corners, somehow!
200 m2 (of which 80m2 specifically devoted to the "Business to Business") mainly with Scandinavian inspired furniture and contemporary accessories through, for example, the complete and developed range of the Danish label HAY.
This one bringing in its wake Softline, Lightyears, Norr11Mogg and Domestic, to assert the spirit voluntarily minimalist of this new location, in perfect synergy and complementarity with the DNA of her big sister.
Today Homepage asserts itself by the richness offered in its unique spaces, which encourages to travel and to explore both worlds. We cross the street to go from one to the other, we discover, we complete and between the two worlds, you end up having both your favorite and best choice... or vice versa!