Modern Ceramics

Focus ceramics

Curated by Jean-François Declercq (Atelier Jespers) – Aurélien Gendras (Galerie Aurélien Gendras - Paris) with the support of Modern Shapes Gallery
Throughout the month of September, to crown our focus on ceramics, a large exhibition curated by Jean-François Declercq and located in space AREA 42, will highlight the great names in ceramics. Ceramics represent as many techniques as it does different universes, therefore exhibition will try to represent these various aspects and show the public what ceramics are today.

We will present the works of Enric Mestre, David Umemoto, Frédérick Gautier, Lucien Petit and many other renowned creators who are shaping the world of contemporary ceramics.

Date event : 7.09 > 30.09 Vernissage: vernissage 6 sept 5-22pm Tel: +32 2 349 35 59 address: Rue des Palais 46, 1030 Bruxelles Website: