Tubbies The Prague Academy of Arts and Design is a breeding ground for creative talents, but also an assingnor of realistic tasks. The collaboration with Tvarmetal has become this year's topic for the Studio of Product Design. The assignment was to create a supporting philosophy for the creation of a new brand. The home furnishings and furniture were to be the focal point of the production. The technological focus of this startup will be defined mainly by bending pipes, working with special industrial materials and other techniques used in metalworking. So far Tvarmetal's production has been primarily focused on products for the automotive industry. Our intention is to set off in a completely different direction with the new sub-brand. Although the area of furniture design and home furnishings seems to be fully occupied (or even overcrowded), we are striving to find a niche market in this sector. The moving force in this creative process is the combination of extraordinary technology and design. The industrial appearance along with the clear and logical design of the young creators make up the spine of the new brand. The students have found an interesting visuality in the form of modernist or brutalist architecture, which has become a strong source of inspiration for the coming generation. The furniture in the factories or schools of the 1970s in the socialist sector suddenly comes alive in new contexts and shifted aesthetics.