Atelier Relief conceives and creates sculpted images, « Reliefs ». Here, everything is relief. As the architect’s structure rises from the ground, the Atelier’s is built upon a photograph. Shifting from two to three dimensions, recomposed in its three planes, photography renews its ties with its source: the real world. A rebirth. A three-fold space of creation, production and exhibition, it creates photo-reliefs: pure objects of photography but also of design. For its second anniversary, Atelier Relief presents « Élévation », a dialogue of forms between 5 photographers. A series of extreme-reliefs, photos of building facades, stairs, high-built motorways and flyovers, a look upon the soaring constructions of mankind, where the volume of reliefs echo the volume of the structures themselves. With Dirk Bakker, Michel Figuet, Joseph Jabbour, Steven Ng and Serge Najjar.