Internet Yami-Ichi Brussels #2

THE INTERNET YAMI-ICHI, A FLEA MARKET WHERE PEOPLE SHARE AND BUY “INTERNET-RELATED” THINGS, IS BACK IN BRUSSELS! The internet used to feel like a vast, unexplored alien land, liberated from the constraints of the old world. Gradually, it conquered real life, and grew into a necessity. In the process, it also became increasingly streamlined, commodified, wall-gardened and heavily monitored. It’s time to find a new escape, back into the real world! The Internet Yami-Ichi aims to be a flea market for the post-digital age. An invitation to relive, in the physical space, the freedom and gleeful anarchy of the early internet. Find and buy glitch clothing, deleted characters, passwords databases, cloud candy, biometric data, books of internet cats, and more! Exonemo and their online secret society IDPW organised the first Yami-Ichi in Tokyo in 2012. In 2014, iMAL hosted the first Brussels Yami-Ichi. After travelling to over ten cities, including Moscow, Seoul and New-York, Yami-Ichi is back in Brussels! This edition will take place in the unoccupied ground floor of iMAL building, before it gets converted into a fully renovated exhibition space to open end of 2018.