Totemina To*

TOTEMINA TO* / Furniture in Residence # 2 'Furniture in Residence' is a collaborative project that DC-DC has set up in 2015. A project to promote their work in an original way and encourage collaborations. Thanks to the success of Totemina and the fruitful collaboration with the artist Ludivine Lechat the project will present a second edition: Totmenina To * The architects De Clercq & Declercq (DC-DC) and the Visual Artist Ludivine Lechat share a common vision in their projects; Creativity, Fun & Smart Solutions. At Design September, they combine their talents to create the Totemina To * furniture, which will be presented in the city center at Café Chicago. The furniture is made up of several units, and guests are invited to play and determine the composition of the set. Enjoy!