CERAMIC EVENT , an exhibition not to be missed in Brussels, will celebrate its eighth edition in September 2017. As a reflection of contemporary ceramic art, Ceramic event attempts to honor all its differentiations and to offer a selection of creations, installations, unique works of art, digital or plastic, and performances of the highest technical and artistic quality to its visitors. The candidate selection criteria give way to a privileged space for works differentiating themselves from traditional ceramics and reward the artistic approach and the technical quality rooted in contemporary creation. This event is a reference for professionals and offers an eclectic and captivating initiation to art lovers. The exhibitors at the Ceramic event do not fail to oblige us with their frank artistic approach and surprise us through their all but standard vision of the material and their freedom of expression. For this eighth edition, the Ceramic Event will invite the ceramic jewels, a ceramic art SHOP will be dedicated to collections of ceramic ware which are consistent and faithful to a personal and singular artistic approach, a video performance will be presented by the "Corps en scene" cie . A bookseller space in collaboration with the bookstore Peinture Fraîche will be dedicated to art books, especially about ceramics, and exhibition catalogues. More then 400 works ans 60 invited artists, a library and a bookshop all dedicated to ceramics 23.09 > 01.10.2017 12:00-18:00 Opening 22.09 18:00-21:00 Moliere avenue 139 1190 Forest 5€