HOST glassware collection by Alain Berteau

HOST glassware by Alain Berteau HOST Glasses The very first glassware collection from architect designer Alain Berteau, HOST offers his signature mix of extreme functionality integrated in timeless shapes. The tumblers, water and wine glasses present a distinctive, well-balanced profile designed to feel good in hand. They are suitable for both delicate dinner and intense daily use. HOST items are mouth-blown in colored thick glass. Available in dark gray, deep purple and turquoise, or transparent. HOST Vases A compact and versatile set of two stacking vases. The base is designed to deploy bouquets in a very elegant way, while the top acts as a distinctive soliflore, water carafe or wine decanter matching perfectly the HOST glasses. The vases are carefully mouth-blown in thick, deep-coloured glass. Available in transparent, purple, turquoise and dark gray.