Touijar Creation - An Handcrafted Story

Jacques Touijar
Born in Tangier in 1946, 100 meters from the waves. From the age of 7 years it is the revelation for the sculpture with various materials, stone, clay, plaster, in an anarchic spirit. 1964 His taste for adventure makes him land in Spain where he makes garden sculptures in marble and granite. 1967 He moved to Belgium and worked in different trades.
1975 He shares the studio of Claire Morenhoudt where he creates luminaries and decorative objects of prestige with semi-precious stones. 1980 He sets up his own workshop floor of Wavre in Ixelles. 1985-1988 He opened a branch in the Wellington Gallery in Waterloo, where he exhibited his works, which included bronze animal sculptures, metal tables, and jewelry. 1988 With his family, he moved to 7 rue du prince royal in Elsene where he could finally make the studio and the gallery he opened to live together to install his creative world.

Carine Urfels
Born in the Fagnes in 1965. Since childhood, she is attracted by the creations of seams and jewels, at the age of 12 years makes her own clothes, necklaces etc. In 1984, she moved to Brussels to take courses at Arts and Crafts in Joeillerie section. She meets her future husband Jacques Touijar on the occasion of a visit of the workshop of this last floor of Wavre. Their mutual love at first sight will mark the beginning of a union of life and work that has lasted for more than 30 years. He makes him use his experience to perfect his training.

Carine & Jacques Touijar each create in their style, gold, silver and bronze jewelery decorated with precious or semi-precious stones. Regarding necklaces, pendants, brooches or earrings created by Carine. They often have a very feminine look, removable elements that change the appearance depending on the mood or the behavior of their owner.

The unique pieces can also be the result of a request from a client who exposes their desire to whom they submit a project and a choice of stones and material to the height of the wish and the personality of the one who will have the pleasure of wearing it. The vision of Jacques' jewelery reflects his vocation as a sculptor.

All their creations come exclusively from their workshop and their customers extend well beyond Belgium.
They passed on their passion to their daughter who in turn expresses in her works, her character, her youth and her originality.