Linda Topic and Léa Ricorday join their forces to define a research field that questions the leopard. An animal, a print, the great predator, a classic motif, a symbol of power, an emblem of vulgarity and sexiness, pure fantasy ...

What happens when its forms intercross or when used as an attire? Besides, what specific species of panther inspired our current graphic representations? When did the first feline motifs appear and what do they imply? What is the relationship between Shiva, Betty Page and Mobutu and the woman seen on the subway yesterday? What are we showing off in the streets with our designs? Of what is the city the playground?

In books, on the street, through gathered anecdotes and collected knowledge, in the workshop, at the café, Léa Ricorday and Linda Topic question the leopard’s presence, its proliferation, its persistence, its insistence and many mutations.