Georges Pelletier, 60 years of ceramics

This exhibition will present the artworks of the french ceramist Georges Pelletier.
Now an internationally renowned artist, he was born in Brussels and will celebrate his 80th birthday this October. So this is a great opportunity to showcase his work, in Brussels! His luminaires, his totems, and his atypical mirrors are all easily recognisable thanks to the handmade details that come together to produce unique sculptural pieces.



Georges Pelletier is born on 9 October 1938 in Brussels. He takes courses at the École supérieure nationale des Arts et Métiers in Paris, where he gravitates towards ceramics. In parallel to his training, he works in Claude Pantzer’s studio (ceramic sculptor 1930-1969), in the Poterie Accolay, and then in the studio La Roue de Vallauris.
In 1961, he opens his own studio in Paris, where he subsequently creates his first unique pieces.
In 1963, he exhibits his pieces in the Saint-Ouen market and is picked up by the Maison Bobois, for which he creates many luminaires until 1973.
In 1973, he decides to move his studio to Cannes, where he still actively creates today.

Recently, enthusiasm for Pelletier’s creations from the 1960s and 1970s has arisen due to vendors and decorators who are honouring his work.

Today, Georges Pelletier continues to create new sculptural pieces, but also reproduces with passion his successes of the 1960s. An internationally renowned artist, his work is showcased in many galleries and exhibitions.


At the end of the month, don't miss the full exhibition dedicated to the works of Georges Pelletier!
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