Tahnee Bouciqué at A Suivre #ikkoopbelgisch #jachetebelge

‘Crossing Identities’ is a symbiosis of the differents ergonomics of dining cultures (to eat sitting on a chair, the ground or a small stool). Although it can be a bit alienating at first, it quickly becomes recognisable. Once seated, there is room for dialogue. ‘Crossing Identities’ is a metaphor for a world formed by dialogue between and integration of the different cultures.

A Suivre
Fashion needs to be a reflection of your style and character, it's a representation of who you are or want to be. Once you've found your aesthetic it's easier to expand that vision within the limits of who you are.

Belgium might be small in square metres, it is big in design. Not only do we have a great amount of designers and design brands, they produce fascinating furniture and interior decorations, as well as glasses, jewelry, tableware, carpets,... 16 designers, collectives and brands are more than ready to present their work at the #ikkoopbelgisch / #jachetebelge -circuit during Brussels Design September (6 - 30 September). 15 shops are clearing their windows to make room for them and let their goods have an interesting dialogue with the designer objects.

The #ikkoopbelgisch / #jachetebelge -parcours offers you a free exhibitions in the Quartier Dansaert. This vivacious district is the living proof that Brussels is a creative, inspring place where the living is easy. The circuit is more than just a good way to discover new design talent, it shows you 15 shops and galeries that believe in Belgian design, entrepreneurship and authenticity.

Ik Koop Belgisch/J’Achète Belge wants to highlight Belgian labels. The consumer wants to buy locally, but is not always aware of the possibilities. This is even more the case for design as it is for fashion. Ik Koop Belgisch is an initiative by Flanders DC, Creamoda, MAD Brussels and Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode (WBDM). The circuit is organised by Flanders DC and MAD Brussels because they want to show that there is Belgian design for all tastes and all profiles.

http://www.tahneeboucique.be/ - http://www.asuivre.be/ - www.ikkoopbelgisch.be - www.flandersdc.be - www.mad.brussels